Hi, I'm Cecilia!

I’m a Creative Consultant and Cross-media Director with a graphic+industrial design and filmmaking background. I’m a restless traveler and a qualified observer. I’m constantly looking for that spark that makes each person different.

Everybody has a gift which enables to do something special. When people are aware of their own power they shine brighter and they are able to connect with the whole world in a more meaningful way.

To be part of this change is my motivation. I’m happy to work with “Light Workers’ who help others in their personal growth, while co-creating a new reality in consciousness.


Why outsidetrip?

After 20 years of entrepreneurship, designing and producing POP elements for big international companies, I decided to move to Europe and since then I’m taking part in projects which are aligned to my personal values.

Outsidetrip is the result of an inner journey which led me to travel restlessly connecting with all kinds of people and places, getting more concerned about their need to connect with their own selves and the world that surrounds them.

Within the years I realized the importance of enjoying life one day at a time combining work and leisure so I began working freelance while traveling and sharing my knowledge and experience as entrepreneur.

By doing this, I developed naturally a way to combine my studies in Graphic Design, Filmmaking and my passion in Directing Actors and leading teams, with the chance to help others find their “wake up call” being aware of their gifts to create a positive impact in the world doing what they love.

We are all part of a big puzzle contributing to a collective purpose greater than ourselves so I would love to know more about you and find out what your gift is!

I can help you connect your inner self and your brand’s essence with your ideal audience… no matter if you are working on your own, you are a start-up entrepreneur or you already have a business.

I’m thrilled about working together, to be able to reflect your spark in your brand’s identity and see your project grow to a conscious business with soul.